How do Steiner Kids Fare, Career-Wise?

Steiner kids go on to do some amazing things, like get Ph.Ds in Computational Science…. or become internationally acclaimed music producers. Or in the case of Max Cooper, who went to the Holywood Steiner, you can be both!

It may seem like a contradiction in terms, but the acclaimed musician, who has a string of electronic albums under his belt, and a world-wide fan base, also holds a doctorate in genetics.

Cos we can do that.

We can be more than one thing.

We can let our education inform our passions, and our passions inform our learning, and marvel at the amazing things that happen in the process.

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Here’s what Max has to say about his experience of Steiner education.

“I attended the Holywood Steiner School from 1984 to 1997, and the first thing I would say about it was how much I enjoyed the experience – a friendly and stimulating learning environment.”

Max followed an academic path when he left the Steiner, but remains convinced that the creativity of the Steiner system has benefitted him throughout his career.  

“I left with good GCSE’s and followed my interests in science at Methodist College Belfast, followed by Nottingham University and University College London. Despite this long scientific education and research process beyond PhD level, I always maintained a strong creative side to my thinking and interests, which I believe was instilled during my time at the Holywood school, and I believe was a great asset for work in the sciences, and any other field for that matter”

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According to Joseph Chiltern Pearce, “Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold”, and it seems Max would agree. 


“Having had formative years to explore the world in a slightly more artistic manner than standard state education, without the pressures of constant examination scores at a young age, allowed me to develop my thinking and understanding without having my enthusiasm and passion crushed at an early age by rote learning. I carried this love of art and creativity through until it eventually turned into my full time work as a digital artist and musician, experimenting with the intersection between the arts and sciences. I can’t vouch for all of Steiner’s ideas, but the general ethos of his education system has been a great benefit to me and seems to be very relevant today despite it being established 100 years ago.”

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Check out Max’s music on Spotify, or here’s his website: